If staining your home is chosen after the blasting process a few more preperations will need to be undertaken. All glass and metal finishings will be masked and any area that may be over sprayed by the stain will be covered.

Since the media used to blast the logs caused them to profile or become porous the first coat of stain will be absorbed instantly, and the next two coats of stain will be inspected, and touch ups will be done as required.

Site clean up after staining involves peeling tape away from all the areas previously prepped. All garbage is removed from the worksite and all downspouts and fixtures will be returned to their original locations as well as planter, patio furniture, BBQ’s and any other objects. Windows will then be cleaned, and a final walk around will be made with both the customer and myself.

We have over 40 years in the blasting and painting industry
Automotive Blasting
Heavy Equipment Blasting
Our most recent Log Home Restoration's
We operate a complete mobile unit on a 10 Ton Deck over trailer with 185/210 Diesel Compressor/14cfm gas compressor, 1 Ton Truck with Positive Air Emergency Shut-Off, 5500 Watt Generator, 2-Airless Paint Sprayer with 200' of hose and Pressure Pot Sprayer.
We also carry all safety gear and personal protection, as well all required tickets.

The only equipment we need to rent if required is a man-lift.
To complete this front of house only took 30 min and made the house look good again.
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